Generating Curl

We are also pursuing generating Curl with a few selected Smalltalk web frameworks: HttpView2 for Squeak Smalltalk and Iliad for Gnu Smalltalk in addition to Seaside in Pharo Smalltalk. Once Dolphin Smalltalk has migrated to Lesser, we may return to Dolphin as a preferred Smalltalk dialect.

One of the lesser known languages suitable for the task is ICON (available as ICON, UNICON, ObjectIcon and Converge.) WE are also following closely the evolution of Rebol 3 at and Io at

Perhaps the most flexible language available is Oz.

Drupal, PHP and markup

This web site will be used to explore the prospects for generating Curl (from as markup for groups preparing collaborative documentation on their own processes and procedures. As such it is aimed only at corporate enterprise and other such large organizations already using Curl as an enterprise platform for web content.

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